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LPAC Resources

The ASX Listed Products Accreditation Course is fully supported by an Online Resource Centre, where you can find sample answers to course activities and case studies, as well as a practical library of materials and information to assist you in your studies with us. The LPAC Online Resource Centre is regularly updated to ensure that you have access to the most topical information about ASX Listed products and services.

While the LPAC materials are complete and stand alone, students use this Online Resource Centre to keep up to date with the latest economic, financial and product information. Expand your horizons as you learn how ASX Listed Products can appropriately be blended in clients’ portfolios. Become equipped with the practical knowledge that allows you to participate in listed markets easily and confidently. Enjoy!


Workshop Modules - Additional Readings

LPAC Module 1 Additional Readings
LPAC Module 2 Additional Readings
LPAC Module 3 Additional Readings
LPAC Module 4 Additional Readings
LPAC Module 5 Additional Readings
LPAC Module 6 Additional Readings